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The step-by-step blueprint to restore your energy, fix your periods, and restart your metabolism so you can finally feel like yourself again.

Do you have hormone & metabolism imbalances?
(These are common symptoms)

Painful periods
Breast tenderness
Low energy
Low libido
Cold hands/feet


Nourish Your Hormones is for you if...

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 Engaging Self-Paced Video Modules [$1200 value]

Private Members-Only Support Group [$200 value]

Supplement + Grocery Sourcing training [$75 value]

Syncing With Your Cycle Training [$125 value]



- Daily Health Assessment/Planning Worksheet
- Nourishing Food Swaps Guide
- Maximizing Metabolism Worksheet
- Toxin-Free Home Toolkit


- Signature Nourish Your Hormones Meal Template

to make nourishing yourself EASY.

- Pro-metabolic with kids training: how to get your

family on board for long-term success.

- Discount codes for targeted supplements & personal care products

- Cycle Support Toolkit

Nourish Your Hormones Includes...

Here’s what I want to give you: 

A crystal clear roadmap to healthy hormones and finally feeling like yourself again.

Women Stretching

Confidence in your own body,

so that you can feel healthy, strong, and capable to take on your full life every day.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Energy that lasts all day,

so you can be PRESENT in the moment.

Waterside Women

Periods that don’t suck.


Couple on the Beach

A better understanding of your fertility

so that you don't feel hormonal birth control is your only option.

Healthy Food

Whole food nourishment that works for YOUR body,

without complicated food-combining, crash diets, or spending your entire day in the kitchen.


Feeling like you’re working with your body,

instead of against it.

Engaged Couple

Freedom from information overwhelm,

spending hours on Dr. Google, and wondering if what you're doing is even going to work.

Hi, I'm Leisha!


Leisha Drews

Registered Nurse
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

In my teens and twenties, I struggled with terrible acne, frequent migraines, and irregular, painful periods. 


I went to multiple doctors and was told that it was all my hormones, it was pretty much normal, and I could take birth control to fix all of my problems. 


I tried several types of birth control, and it didn’t fix all of my problems. 

(I know I’m not alone in this) 


I was told that my nutrition had NOTHING to do with the way I felt. 

Eventually, I decided to take things into my own hands. 


I started to change my nutrition and lifestyle little by little, and my health started to improve almost immediately.


My acne cleared up, my migraines became less frequent, and my periods became regular and pain free (plus I had 3 babies! :)


Fast forward to today - I have energy to keep up with my business, my 3 kids, and all of the other hats I wear as a mom/wife/friend/coach/chef/laundry CEO. (IKYK)


I have clear skin, sleep well, know exactly what to eat to sustain myself, and I love my body more than I ever have before. 


I’m not some random success story - this can work for you too. 


When we start to shift to a mindset of nourishment, when we go back to real food, when we ditch all of the lies of diet culture and go back to our intuition, we can be free. 


How would it feel to be vibrant, thriving, and dare I say - even get your libido back? 


It’s all possible and you can start RIGHT NOW.


Here's what my clients have to say...

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testimony pic 1at.png
testimony pic 3at_edited_edited.png


→ To care for yourself even in this season of pouring out to your babies.


→ To want pain-free periods + thriving energy (even though your friends/mom/sister haven’t experienced it…yet).


→ To love your body exactly where you are and be completely free of the shame cycles surrounding food, eating, and body image.


→ To feel GOOD in the season you’re in vs waiting until you’re less busy, less people need you, or you’re in the perfect financial situation.


→ I’m giving you the step-by-step plan and supporting you the whole way in this program, don’t wait till things are perfect to start or you never will.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:


The WHY behind your hormone symptoms

  • Metabolism - What it is and isn't

  • Common misconceptions in metabolic hormone and health

  • How to set realistic goals

  • Measuring Progress - Temps + Pulses Training


Nourishing Mindset + Digestion

  • How you got here - where did your mindset around food come from?

  • How to make small shifts that will affect big change in your nutrition

  • Why diet culture hasn’t served you well and what needs to change

  • How you can maximize your metabolism by changing your mealtime thoughts


Nourishing With Food

  • Which foods are truly causing symptoms for you?

  • How to add specific foods for healthy hormones

  • How to balance macronutrients for thriving energy 

  • Why food quality + consistency changes everything


Diving deeper - your thyroid + liver + hormone connection

  • How thyroid function affects metabolism + detox

  • Why hormones become imbalanced

  • How to support your liver + why you need to

  • How to shift away from Estrogen dominance


Sleep - is this your missing piece?

  • How lack of sleep affects your body long term

  • How to biohack your sleep cycles 

  • Why you need to improve quality of sleep to promote safety in the body

  • How to sleep well even with little kids


Hormone Cycles

  • Tracking your Cycle

  • Cycle Syncing

  • Period Support

  • PMS Support


Exercise + Stress

  • How much is too much with exercise? 

  • How to exercise to support metabolic health

  • What exercise is right for your season?


Supplements + Functional Testing

  • Stop wasting your money on supplements

  • Nutrients you can’t miss

  • Minerals - the missing link?

  • How functional testing can help you level up


Signature Nourish Your Hormones Meal Template to make nourishing yourself EASY.
Pro-metabolic with kids training - how to get your family on board for long-term success.
Discount codes for targeted supplements & personal care products.

Still not quite sure if
Nourish Your Hormones is right for you?

to email Leisha's team with your questions.

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