This is no ordinary journal.

It's designed with you in mind, the busy woman who wants to journal but has too much in her brain to even know what to write sometimes. Want the benefits of journaling without wondering if you're wasting your time? I've got you girl.

Plan 2021 for your Cycle Workshop

Plan 2021 for your Cycle Workshop


Tired of setting goals that you never follow through with? ⁣

Want my tried and true method to not only set goals but actually complete them? ⁣

In this live workshop you will learn:⁣

1. How to set goals that are measurable and aligned with your purpose⁣

2. How to break those goals down into SPECIFIC action steps⁣

3. How to plan the next 3 months with your cycle - so those action steps can get done in the time you are most capable. ⁣

4. How to know where YOU are most productive in each phase of your cycle & make that your superpower.

Includes a printable workbook to actually map out your goals on the call so you will feel empowered and focused before 2021 even starts!


Live event is Monday December 28th at 7:30pm CST via zoom



Here's how this journal serves you:

Daily sections to write down challenges you're facing, plus space to reframe that challenge so you can tackle it with confidence.


Space to let go of whatever is holding you back, keeping you stuck, or making you anxious.


Space for affirmations (with affirmations included if you can't think of what resonates with you at that very moment) so you can speak life over your day!


Daily purpose statement to connect you with your life vision before you start taking action for the day.


Guided journaling questions targeted to your specific mental/emotional capacities for each of the 4 phases of your hormone cycle. 


Daily check-ins to track nutrition & energy, movement & hydration so you can identify patterns in your health.