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Pregnant belly

A targeted 3-month group coaching program for women who don't want to spend a minute more questioning their fertility and want to be guided to balanced hormones and a happy pregnancy.

First, let’s make sure you’re in the right position to gain the MOST from this program.

You’re a woman in her 20s or 30s and you:

Pregnant Woman

Here’s what I want to give you: 

A crystal clear roadmap to healthy hormones and preparing for an uncomplicated, naturally healthy pregnancy.

And when I say healthy hormones this is what I’m picturing for you:

Women Stretching

Confidence in your own body,

that when and if you’re ready to get pregnant, your body will be capable and strong.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Energy that lasts all day,

so you can be PRESENT in the moment.

Waterside Women

Periods that don’t suck.


Couple on the Beach

A better understanding of your fertility

so that you don’t have to rely on hormonal birth control.

Healthy Food

Nutrition that works for your body,

without complicated food-combining, crash diets, or spending your entire day in the kitchen.


Feeling like you’re working with your body,

instead of against it.

Engaged Couple

Freedom from infertility,

expensive medical procedures, and months of exhausting ups and downs in your journey to get pregnant.


If you want all of the things you just read about? Bump Prep is perfect for you.

Not sure yet? Let's keep talking... 

I want to work with YOU.

in an encouraging, empowering, intimate support group - with women who have the same goals as you do, and are FIRED UP and ready to get there."

I have my own experience with hormone issues and I know they're NOT something you have to keep living with. I'm here to get you free of mood swings, energy crashes, and terrible periods so you can feel confident in your body and love your feminine power. 


Leisha Drews

Registered Nurse and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner


Bump Prep is a coaching program, but with one big caveat...

Most coaching programs are heavy on the inspiration & light on the implementation support. You get lots of knowledge, but you still have to do 100% of the work from scratch. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t have the time or mental space for that ish.

So, you'll get...

A concise, action-packed 30-45 minute audio lesson every week, created specifically to fast-track the results you want. (Happy hormones, happy mama, healthy childhood for your precious baby)

Biweekly zoom calls to deliver additional training, provide support, and answer questions you might have come up with from each week’s lesson! (Spoiler alert - they’re also pretty fun.)

A Woman with a Black Hat

But you’ll also get...

the proven system that I’ve been using with all of my 1:1 clients

  • Straightforward nutrition guidance so you know how to eat for healthy hormones and the guessing game is over.

  • Empowered Fertility training to help you sync with your hormone cycle & step into your feminine power. 

  • The recipe for magical princess sleep that leaves you feeling energized and ready to show up for your full days!

  • Tools to personalize your exercise so you can tailor your workouts to what your hormones are telling you - and get better results with less effort.

  • Insight into the hidden health triggers that are keeping you from losing weight and finally feeling energized.

That way, when you think about your health & hormones, you’ll know that you have the tools to lose weight, banish brain fog, boost your energy, and feel peaceful and present - without any more late nights on google.

Still with me? Okay, let’s keep this rolling.

Here’s what you’ll get during our twelve weeks of working together:


The #1 Hidden Fertility Factor: Toxins!

Toxins are hiding everywhere - and they can directly harm your fertility. We dive in right away to start to lay the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and baby!


Hormone-Loving Foods:

Which foods could be harming your fertility? Which foods do you need more of? At the end of this lesson, you’ll know exactly how to feed your body (and have specific action steps to get there!


The Hormone Cycle:

Understand that your hormone cycle is more than just your period, what it actually means for your health, and how to support the first half of your cycle.


Optimizing Your Hormones for Fertility:

Supporting the second half of the hormone cycle - what to eat, how to improve your mood, and have a period you don’t dread.

***Bonus! Fertility Tracking - how to know confidently when you can and can’t get pregnant during your cycle


Critical Fertility Mindset Hacks:

We dive back into nutrition and MINDSET around food to banish those habits you struggle with around food so you can fill up your cup confidently and guilt free.


Banishing Stress for Optimal Fertility:

Stress is a 4-letter word in the health community. This week we’ll dive in to what stress looks like on a daily basis, where it can be hiding, and how to support your body to be resilient in the face of a very full life!


Sleep Like a Princess:

Are you so done feeling tired every day? This is the week where we start to uncover the secrets behind that magical princess sleep that heals your hormones from the inside out.


Your Gut Calling:

Address one of the TOP areas of health 90% of women miss (that prolong their fertility journey) -- the gut! This week we talk about the gut-hormone connection and how treating your gut like a queen can truly make all the difference in your hormone health and fertility.


Move Your Body for Happy Hormones:

Exercise is a hot topic, and can be a game changer for health, but are you doing it right? It’s time to find out if what you’re doing is helping (or hurting!) your hormones and how the right exercise can actually boost your fertility.


Pantry & Laundry Room Purge!

If there are hidden toxins in your personal products or household products, we’ll find them and get them replaced without you having to do the research.


Clear the Clutter:

Did you know that your mindset around health AND your energy is affected by your environment? Clearing the mental & physical clutter is GAME CHANGING and we’re here for it!


Continuing Your Healthy Baby Building Journey:

It’s the end already?  This week we reassess and celebrate the wins from the program!


4 weeks of meal plans

To give you that boost in the kitchen

Super Sperm Lesson

How your partner can build super sperm & ultimately a super (healthy) baby.

Sand Texture

Okay mama, are you in?  Here are the final details…

Bump Prep 

12 week experience

$797 or 3 payments of $299


Doors close on July 12th!


  • 12 audio trainings 

  • Biweekly group Q&A calls 

  • Weekly action steps 

  • Private Facebook Group

Sand Texture

Looking for a more personal touch?

Bump Prep - Accelerator Level 

12 week experience

$1497 or 3 payments of $549


In for the above but also dying for someone to dive in with you personally to get every burning question you have answered and have a hormone health specialist take a 360 degree look at your health?  The accelerator level includes all of the above PLUS


  • 2 private coaching sessions to dig deep into your specific health symptoms and fertility goals

  • Private voxer coaching throughout the 12 weeks

  • VIP welcome package with some of my favorite goodies

  • Ability to run a functional Gut or hormone test with personalized results and recommendations

Interested in the accelerator or still wonder if Bump Prep is right for you?

to schedule a complimentary 20 minute call to find out for sure.

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